I work for Pearl Certification. We’re a small team that is passionate about improving the performance of residential buildings in order to improve people’s lives and reduce environmental impacts and carbon emissions.

We’re smart, passionate people, driven to make a meaningful impact. We also have a problem. Our label for this problem is “we’re trying to do too much.” The audience for the following memo is internal, but it’s posted here in hopes you might find it useful if you are also “trying to do too much”.

Doing too much is easy to identify and hard to fix. I’m going…

I apologize for such a long letter — I didn’t have time to write a short one.

Mark Twain (or more accurately Blaise Pascal)

Most of us have a mental model of software development that goes something like this:

  • Product Management collects feature requests and their requirements into a backlog, prioritizing the most important features for the business
  • Software Developers process the backlog, writing code to add those features
  • Ideally, there’s some architecture, testing, and project management helping improve the process and outcomes
  • The application gets better because those features have been added
  • Rinse and repeat
Developers process a backlog to produce features

The problem with…

AC Capehart

AC Capehart is the CTO for Pearl Certification. He cares about, and writes about, the intersection between business, technology, and people.

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